Data Recovery
What We Can Do For You, Can you recover my data?

We can help with all types of data recovery from smaller home jobs to larger, complex, mission critical business recovery jobs. Feel free to give our friendly tech team a call on (02) 85990872 and see how we can help you today.

What should I do first?

For Hard drives/ SSD's, the most important thing to do is to power off the hard drive, stop using it and do not let anybody tamper with it, or try to use any software that will scan or modify the disk. This will greatly improve the chances of your data being recovered successfully.

For memory cards and USB sticks, Stop trying to use it, do not take any new photos/videos or copy any new data to it. Do not try plug it into card readers or computers. The less you use it, the better the chances that your data can be successfully recovered in good condition.

Deleted File Restore & Recovery

We can assist with data recovery from memory cards, hard drives, and flash USB drives even when data has been accidentally deleted, or you need recovery and file restoration from other media types. Most of the time a deleted file can be recovered if the drive is not further used and you can bring the media to us as soon as possible for recovery.

Un-Readable Drive

Where your drive is unreadable we can typically repair the drive enough to recover the data. Sometimes Windows or Apple will not recognise an attached USB drive, although this is cause for concern, we can usually recover data depending on the reason for the initial error. We also have a high success rate with being able to repair the drive to a mirror state meaning we can perform a complete recovery to a new drive with no noticeable difference i.e. Windows and Apple operating system, programs, and data all operate as they did before the error.

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