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While many businesses have complex IT needs, committing to a fixed monthly service agreement isn't always ideal.

Not to worry, Panexis Technologies has the perfect solution for your business. Our Pay As U Go IT SupportĀ provides you or your business with access to our team of certified and trained IT professionals for a simple low hourly fee.

Enjoy many of the same benefits of a fully-managed IT service, while only paying when our service professionals do work for you.

Maybe you are an home user, just looking for some help.

What-ever the issue we can help.

  • Moving to a new computer?
  • Setting up email.
  • Computer/Laptop repairs.
  • Backing up those important files.

'Pay As You Go' IT Support is ideal for:

  • The new start-up business who is cautious about their expenses, striving to maximize available revenue to sales operations and production, or delivery of their products/services.
  • A small business with minimum IT support needs, but requires a trusted team of IT professionals to answer questions and handle IT issues as they arise.
  • Any other business who simply wants services delivered on an hourly basis.
  • Home user with an issue and just needs some help.

At Panexis Technologies we can customizes our IT solutions to meet your unique business needs. We aim to ensure your business has the right service plan to meet your business needs, objectives, and goals.

Are you considering outsourcing your IT services to a leading IT company?

Don't want to pay high monthly contracting fees, you may want to pay an hourly fee to have these services delivered when you need them?

Give us a call or drop us a line today.

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